The Cocoon…

The Cocoon…

(The first directed and exploratory attempt to cross the vast gulf between the human and the divine…)

“Pitch black in here–do I always begin–much like a self-sealed cocoon–swaying in the wind…”

Then…bursting forth…they cascade like a Niagara Falls–thousands..maybe thousands and tens of thousands, in all, these welcome pin-points of light–these microscopic photon-trails–these seemingly tens of thousands upon hundreds of thousands of individual cellular mind-sights–showering 

endlessly from within the limitless dimensionality of the mind of the …God of space and time…microscopic photon-trails–these welcome mind-holes of inner sight…hundreds of thousands…maybe millions, in all, cascading into 
eternity-like–angelic light-falls…they collide into dawning grayish 

shadows of reality, upon my obscure and illusory banality, offering miniscule glimpses of divine totality…accessible, just beyond this mortal veil…cascading like innumerable waterfalls, millions…maybe thousands of millions, in all–these welcome mind-points of light–these microscopic

photon-trails…they collide into dawning grayish shadows of reality–onto the pitch black of my human night…the thick viscosity, inside this physical lens–symbiotically attaches to the luminescence of mind, which relationship…gives birth to the superconscious ken…the energy releases

as the two entwine, the warp and woof of the spirit-mind–brain-matrix for the Thought Attuner’s presence, and who spiritually depicts the superfinite realities to this soul-light essence…thousands of millions upon tens of thousands of millions of individual cellular mind-sights…microscopic 

photon-trails–these welcome pin-points of light…ten thousand millions…maybe a hundred thousand millions, in all, cascading like…pulsar-radiating solarfalls–they collide into dawning grayish shadows of reality, which are accessible, just beyond this mortal veil…microscopic photon-

trails…these welcome mind-points of sight…hundreds of thousands of millions…maybe, billions, in all…they cascade like countless pulsar-radiating solarfalls, colliding into dawning grayish shadows of reality, as my eternal friend downgrasps and outflows…and I struggle with 

overpowering inertia, to upgrasp and inflow–squinting to see the whole–yet seeing only the microscopic openings, through which…cascading like pulsar-radiating gammafalls…billions…maybe, tens of billions, in all…these welcome mind-holes of light…microscopic photon-

trails…this infinity-shower of individual cellular mind-sights are just like the multi-celled eyes of the insect that flies…the images remain broken into an infinity-shower of individual cellular mind-sights–ever beckoning me to envision the whole…writhing and shifting to see more-than-miniscule 

glimpses of divine totality…accessible, just beyond this mortal veil…

Once…when I was younger…I had a dream, wherein I returned to the farm of my boyhood memories… Standing in the driveway, I saw my brothers. I waved to them, as they stood near the barn…

Suddenly, I will myself to fly, lifting slowly above the earth, into the clouds. I move my weightless form–effortlessly floating through the sky, experiencing how distance, like a veil–may the mind enshroud…

My father and mother, waving wildly, began frantically calling, “Son! Come down! Son–come down!”

I wave. And call, in return, what seemed so loudly–my voice dissipating in the wind…

“Fly! You can fly! Join me! Will yourselves to try! Please…just try…”

somehow, I understood that my thinking, my belief system is like the Wall of China–the seemingly impenetrable barrier between my consciousness and the Holy Grail…and so there remains my mortal veil–this dark viscosity–my organic brain, reacting, in fear-self-made pain…my

single greatest enemy, seemingly impenetrable prison, preventing translation–preventing fusion of the pre-existing form, which already enshrouds this eternal personality-energy-pattern…I am…my thoughts become crystallized until, through your thoughts, coming from within me, 

Father, are…broken…fluidic images, in my mind, become concrete-ized, until the…unspeakable…may be spoken–until the concept is translated through the third level barrier–into…reality…time and experience–deepening into wisdom–is the obvious…key…the longevity of the 

flexibility of mind, through the fluidity of language, is the directly proportional counterpart…the mind, in wisdom, looks beyond the images it may see…piercing the veil, with the will quiescent, focalized in peace, within the heart–translating concept, through growth into reality, 

in part–translating this infinity-show of individual, cellular mind-sights–into the relative, divine-mortal power of the relative perfection of the mortal understanding–the superconscious state of duality–animal-human-angel…most astounding are these recent realizations, bringing 

me to greater personal and lasting elations, over this intense struggle for visual penetrations, beyond the veil that blinds me, still, with creations of my own devising…the struggle to wholly identify with the super-finite being, who inhabits the shell–rather than with the shell, which is 

still humanized by the dual mind, which indwells this cocoon, culm
inates in the blinding fire of cascading gammafalls–culminating in worship-insight,  from which I shall emerge–born anew…yes, the cocoon–the organic temple grows older and less flexible with each passing year…but, the focus of 

identification is ever…selectable…looking beyond the third-level barrier…without fear…and I choose to wholly identify with the already eternal personality-energy-pattern…I am…I choose to fly–I long to fly–I will to break out of this mortal cocoon…and where others may see only 

fantasy…I see the cocoon as the time-space shadow of my eternal finality…cascading like pulsar radiating photon lightfalls, tens of billions…maybe, thousands of billions, in all…these welcome mind-holes of light-insights, microcosmic gamma-trails…microcosmic pin-points 

of individual, cellular spirit-mindsights, in the limitless dimensionality of the Mind of the God of space and time…microcosmic photon-trails…these welcome pin-points of divine light-sights…thousands of billions…maybe, trillions upon trillions, in all…cascading into my my mind, like an 

infinitely radiating solarfalls–they collide–gelling into dawning, grayish shadows of my evolving duality, offering miniscule glimpses of my divine totality…to break free…to be…just beyond this organic mold…where within the cocoon, which encases my…eternality…my soul–is the metamorphosing

shifting, writhing and stretching…semi-spiritual, mid-mind, pulsating light-receiver, eternally connected to the light-giver…

“You are the evolving mortal soul…looking out from your organic mold…at your dual reality–through trillions upon trillions, maybe god-zillions of tiny spirit-mindholes, filtering through the wombwalls of your…cocoon…”

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Religion is nothing more of less, but exactly the conscious soul discovering the Divine Source within…and following the leading of the whispers of the spirit to the soul during the brief course of the human experience… 

–Tim R Walls

© Copyright All Poetry, Songs, and Writings Tim R Walls 2014.
All Rights Reserved.

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